St. Neots Model Railway Club


Passage Lane TMD is a fictitious layout based on modern day diesel depots in eastern England. There is ample space for many locomotives and a mixture of operators can be seen visiting the maintenance shed, fuelling bays or for overnight stabling.

As the fuelling bays need diesel, a class 08 is often seen taking a diesel tanker to fill the tanks up. Freight is also moved into position by the shunter for its bigger counterparts to collect.

Under the glare of the yard’s tower lights, class 60’s, 66’s and 68’s are frequently seen pulling into and out of the yard and the air is often filled with a 66 whine or the air tick of a stabled locomotive.

Occasionally vintage locomotives visit for overnight stabling and refuelling, departing for their charter trains the next day.

A yard with a hive of activity with the yard manager’s men working hard on new developments.

Exhibition Information

Size: 12ft x 18 inches plus room to operate from behind

Period: Modern

Gauge: OO

Operators: 2

Power: 1 socket

Expenses: Fuel for 2 vehicles or van hire if over 40 miles. Overnight accommodation if more than 1 ½ hours away.

Contact details

Robert Potter and Charlotte Saunderson

Passage Lane TMD wins Best Layout at the Kempston & District Exhibition Nov 4th 2017. Pictured are:- 

Sebastian Street            - SNMRC

William Dales                  - SNMRC

Robert Potter                   - SNMRC Layout owner

Charlotte Saunderson  - SNMRC Layout Owner

Lee Brown                        - Kempston MRC Exhibition Manager

Ian Ripo                            - Kempston MRC

Charlie Connor               - Kempston MRC