St. Neots Model Railway Club


ASHFIELD '00' gauge


Size: L-shaped layout 18ft by 8ft including operator space.

Number of operators: 5 - 6

Power requirement: 500 watts max (including lighting) i.e.1 power point

Logistics: Van hire plus one car

Insurance: Please request valuation

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Programme notes

Ashfield is set in rural northern England about the turn of the century. It was an intermediate station on a cross-country line deemed uneconomic by Beeching and truncated by BR. It survived precariously on modest mineral traffic and a skeletal passenger service until the involvement of a vigorous preservation society. This society now owns the station and goods yard as the outbound terminus of its operation on the shared main line. The line’s fortunes took an upturn following the lease of land and a siding to a freight distribution company. There are proposals to extend the preserved railway by reinstating a single line from Ashfield.

The layout is on five boards, one of which is sunken. A two track main line emerges from a tunnel and terminates at the station, which additionally features a bay platform and a goods yard. The bay is the terminus for a branch line which exits the scene via a tunnel adjacent to the main lines. The sunken board bears the railway lines on embankments across the cut of a now truncated canal with its turning pond. The layout uses cab control DC with two controllers to maintain movement and variety out front. Modern stock is roughly post-1990. Preservation stock is varied to sustain a credible Preservation Society operation.

Track plan can be sent seperately