St. Neots Model Railway Club


East Anglian Model Railway Exhibition – Important Updates

8th & 9th June 2019

40 layouts, 30 traders, 6 demonstrators and 11 societies / clubs attended the exhibition this year. The attendance figures show that we had just over 2000 attendees this year. The numbers were lower than in previous years but having changed the venue and time of year, we have to treat it like a brand, new show which has to grow.

Overall feedback was positive from the visitors and exhibitors and the date was advertised for 2020.

13th & 14th June 2020 – Cancelled

Having had a break in July, it got to August when the whole process of organising the Exhibition starts again and I realised that after 10 years as Exhibition Manager, it was time for me to hand over the reins and have more time for me and modelling.

As many exhibition managers know, organising such a big exhibition does tend to take over your life.

Unfortunately, none of our members can give the time to organise the 2020 exhibition so that has been cancelled and any traders and exhibitors have been informed. Any Please 2020 flyers you may have should be destroyed.

I also notified the exhibitors booked for 2021 and 2022 about the situation and explained to them all, that if things changed, we would be in touch but I have also stated that a new exhibition manager may want different exhibits so, there are no guarantees about future bookings.

2021 onwards

The good news is that Charlotte Saunderson has now been appointed as Exhibition Manager with a view to forming a team of people who will organise the exhibitions for 2021 onwards. The fact that I have spoken to everyone that was booked previously means that Charlotte can make a fresh start.


I wish Charlotte the very best for the future and would like to thank everyone who has supported our East Anglian Model Railway Exhibitions and especially, thank you to all who have helped me in my role over the years

Jackie Kneeshaw. St Neots MRC

29th August 2019

Charlotte Saunderson, Exhibition Manager