St. Neots Model Railway Club


A Message from St Neots MRC about Market Deeping Exhibition

Many of you have heard via the internet and social media that unfortunately the Market Deeping Exhibition, at Welland Academy in Stamford, was broken into in the early hours of Saturday morning after some layouts and traders had set up on Friday evening.
There was a huge amount of malicious destruction as publicised in the local Stamford Mercury.

St Neots Model Railway Club has suffered damage to two layouts and a lot of personally owned stock. One of the layouts and a lot of the hand-built stock is beyond repair.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who have been sending messages of support and offers of help.
We also send our condolences to all the other exhibitors who have suffered damage.
Thank you to the organisers who responded as quickly and professionally as possible.
They suffered considerable damage to layouts and have losses of their own to contend with and no one can replace the years of work for any of us.