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OO Gauge 4mm

This project started in 2012 when a few friends decided to create a model of Kimbolton station in 00 scale (4mm:1’)  At the time there was no ready to use Bullhead rail offering so C&L components were used with TimberTracks sleepers.  This enabled Midland Railway sleeper spacing and 3 bolt chairs to be used.  Of the original team one moved away and another died of a brain tumour. Despite slow and painful progress track laying, 10 years later the realisation came that this project was beyond the remaining active member and the layout was brought to St Neots MRC.  The enthusiasm of the club members to embrace the project has been terrific and we expect to show Kimbolton at the 2023 club exhibition.  The scenic length is 17’ (5.2m) and the fiddle yards comprise a further 4.2m (14’) This portrays the station at scale with zero compression and allows the running of typical full length trains too.
Trains run use models of engines recorded on the line in the many books written about it.  Generally the intent is to portray the line in the last decade of it’s life. There will be historical displays at each end showing features of the line; a schematic route map on the front edge of the baseboard; the actual signalbox name board on display.

Kimbolton station was in fact nearer to Catworth than Kimbolton.  The station was on the Midland Railway line from Huntingdon to Kettering and survived for almost 100 years closing in the 1960's.   Since closure the track has been lifted and the station building and goods shed have become part of Hunters Farm. 
Dimensions in the text.
Insurance value £6,000
Please enquire re availability
Andrew Moore   
07710 429369

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