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Tongue End

Tongue End

OO Gauge 4mm                                       

Tongue End is a country station on the edge of a medium sized town. The town station closed in the Beeching period, however the branch line was not closed. It is early Spring towards the end of steam and into the diesel period. The branch line has become a busy line, used at weekends as a diversion route and as a route to the coast in the summer months.

    Freight is moderate and heavy at times depending on the time of the year, fruit, flowers, wheat and barley plus other farm products. The goods yard is also used by the Military with the movement of box vans and fuel.

    The layout is DCC with sound on all the locos, all weathering to rolling stock has been done by me, Points are operated by wire in a tube. The signals are plug it from Modelit Ltd and they just plug in with their own power source. The back scene is hand painted using three colours, Trees hand built and buildings weathered by hand.

Colin Stimpson

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