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Fenmoor Shed


This is my first layout and although it is ready for exhibiting, there is more I want to do and add. Fenmoor Shed is loosely based on a sub shed just off the main line offering fuel & light maintenance. A warehouse provides space for an engineering company & other small firms and the line is sometimes used by visiting steam locos from the nearby preserved railway.

Contact Details:

Colin Stimpson,

13, Little Moor,




PE28 9QE.

Tel, 01480 46 49 39.

OR: email via Colin Stimpson

Exhibition Manager Information:

Gauge: OO with DCC control - sound.

Period: Early 80s diesel, some steam.

Size: 8` x 5` including operating space - stands on own trestles.

Operators: Two.

Power: One x 13 amp socket.

Transport: One car.

Insurance: £1,500.

Furniture: Two chairs required.

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