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O Gauge 7mm                                            

Whaplode is a small O Gauge 7mm layout. I wanted to prove that you don’t need a lot of space to create a decent layout that works. It also has a work yard crane.

It is 7ft long, 1 1/2ft wide. All the track is from Peco, apart from the 3 way point which was picked up on an bring and buy stand, this was scratch built. It is not an accurate model of Whaplode station but is very loosely based on it. The layout is DCC and most of the locos have sound decoders fitted. The layout is operated by a Raspberry Pi to control the points via a Lenz dcc system, we can also drive the loco with our phones. The locos are all kit built and painted by myself, along with the rolling stock. All the buildings are either scratch built or from kits.

Exhibition information

Company LNER

Period late 1937

Dimensions 7ft x 4.5ft (with operating space behind)

Number of operators: 2

Power requirements: 3 amps max

Expenses: fuel for 1 vehicle

Insurance value: £3300


Thomas Hoy


Photo by Paul Bason

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